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My name is Antonio, I'm an animator and here you can find some of my work!



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As a freelance animator I try to improve on every aspect involved in the animation pipeline. I have a strong foundation in traditional animation but I also venture into cut-out animation. To that end, I'm learning how to use the cut-out animation tools in Toon Boom Harmony at the moment.

In general, my strong points include the use of timing, translating an idea into a script and sprinkling some attitude into my animation. I often collaborate with other artists to enhance my lesser skills.



My name is Antonio Osea Mansi, I’m a freelance animator and storyteller. I live in Florence. I have created videos for commercials and entertainment.

I was born in the USA in 1985 but I grew up in Italy. My path has been quite diverse: after earning a MA in Latin and Greek Literature at the University of Perugia, I moved to Florence where I started teaching Italian and Italian Culture at the Lorenzo de’ Medici International Institute. After a few years, I started a new career in animation; today, I teach Animation Theory and Techniques at Nemo - Academy of Digital Arts, where I also work as an English-Italian interpreter during workshops and lectures with artists who work in the entertainment industries all over the world.

I’m intrigued by the power of stories.

I’m always looking for stimulating and unique comicbooks, movies and videogames.

I like to fully investigate anything I stumble upon.

I like drawing monsters and eating licorice.



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If you have an idea you want to bring to life or you just want to get in touch, write me an e-mail! Here is my address!

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